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Storage Tips


1.)    Make it easy! Leave a path so you are able to get to your things. Place items you do not need often towards the back, and the ones you do need, towards the front.

2.) Keep your boxes in uniform size by stacking the lighter boxes on top of heavier boxes.

3.) Label all boxes to make items easier to find.

4.) To allow ventilation and minimize moisture, cover items using plastic covers and leave a small space between the wall and your storage items.

5.) To better protect the items stored, make sure your latch is closed and CYLINDER LOCK is always placed correctly on your unit.

6.) Good storage practice suggests you use pallets or other means of keeping goods away from direct contact with the floor.

7.) To avoid breakage, wrap dishes and other delicate items in wrapping paper and gently pack them in a dish pack box.

8.) Do not store any flammable/explosive materials or food of any kind. Your space is for dry storage only.

9.) Utilize ceiling height by storing your couch or long items upright. This will enable you to have more floor space.

10.) Do not give out your gate code or key to anyone else.

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