South Bay Storage Center

How to Organize Your Self-Storage

Everyone knows how to play the classic game of Tetris®. We encourage everyone to apply the concept of the game to how you are going to organize your storage. Whenever we speak to a future tenant on the phone we urge theme to drive down to our facility and take a look at the sample sizes we have in our office. This will help you visualize all your items and will help us better fit you with a unit size. One of the great things about South Bay Storage Center is that all of our units have a ceiling height of at least 10ft. The high ceilings enable our tenants to stand up furniture and stack up the items they don’t need on a daily basis in the back. Doing this, will save you floor room which will save you more money, by downsizing to a smaller size.

Applying the Tetris® method is simple. Have a couch? Great! Stand that up in the corner along with any dressers you may have. Have a table and chairs? No problem! Stack the chairs on top of the table. If you need help organizing and applying the Tetris® method then just feel free to ask any of our associates for help and ask about our great move in specials. Call now to find out about our current Free First Month & Free Truck and Driver special. It expires on October 31st, 2012. We can be reached at 310-534-9500 or feel free to stop by. We are conveniently located in HarborCity, minutes from San Pedro, Lomita, Wilmington, Torrance, Carson, Palos Verdes and Rancho Palos Verdes.

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  1. This is great!! Thanks

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