South Bay Storage Center

Self Storage Security

Everyone knows how important security is in our daily lives, whether it be at airports, sporting events, public outings, and yes even your self storage. Here at South Bay Storage we have our cameras rolling 24 hours a day 7 days a week, each of our storage units are individually alarmed and we even have specific access codes for our tenants that allow them to only enter the floor and building they have their unit in.

Some self storage facilities take security lightly. They don’t really think it’s important for their tenants to have peace of mind in knowing that they are the only ones that can enter their unit. Since we have special cylinder locks and give the tenants the only keys to the lock, they have peace of mind knowing there is not a copy or master key to their unit. They control who they want to give the keys to and who enters their unit.

Security is something we think all current and future tenants need to consider. After all, they are storing personal items in the unit and we feel it is important that they know it is being stored in a safe place. We encourage anyone reading this to drive down and take a look at what South Bay Storage Center has to offer. We are conveniently located in HarborCity at the five-point intersection, minutes from Torrance, Carson, Rancho Palos Verdes, Lomita, San Pedro, Wilmington, and Rolling Hills.

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2 thoughts on “Self Storage Security

  1. Jeannie on said:

    I’m a current tenant and that’s actually why I ended up renting with you guys. You guys were so so helpful and so nice. I felt comfortable and safe.

    Thanks Guys!

  2. householdremovals on said:

    Security is indeed the most required thing in any storage unit and it is great you are concerned about the security of your customers. I live near Harbor city 🙂 isn’t it great. I will definitely give a second thought about visiting your self storage unit.

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