South Bay Storage Center

“You only need storage when you’re moving”…WRONG! Other Storage Needs.

Why or when will I ever need storage? The concept of leasing storage space is not one that is often thought about. Until you find yourself with no place to store your things! Most people assume that storage is usually used when in the transition between homes or when you have accumulated too much “stuff”. But in reality storage is useful in various instances.

When I began to work here at South Bay Storage Center I thought the same thing. As I became a manager and have worked here for roughly 5 years now, I can assure you that moving is NOT the only reason to store. I have leased spaces to a wide variety of people with different needs. Below are several examples:

Small Businesses

We can help a wide range of different small businesses. How? Inventory Storage! Renting a storage unit is far cheaper than retail space. We have helped gardening and construction companies store their tools, online stores store inventory, etc. With the long business hours you can surely be able to access your inventory or materials when you need. You can also rest assured they will be safe.

Interior Designers
CQ Web Interior Designer Working - Istock Purchase

Instead of having chairs, lamps, fabrics, paintings, etc., cluttering their homes they can lease a space and have all their decorating items in one place. Storage is definitely cheaper than leasing a design office. Our superior security system ensures that valuable items will be safe from such things as theft. Also with our multiple sets of keys and multi-user access codes designer’s employees can have individual access making it a centralized location for business. No more people evading any personal space. For a list of specific sizes click HERE



Product Marketing Representatives

They receive so much promotional material!! Boxes and boxes worth. Again instead of having it evade their home, leasing a storage unit fits a better option. Also here at South Bay Storage we offer an option of using our address as a shipping address. Reps can have the promo material shipped directly to our office instead of having it delivered to their homes where they either have to wait around for arrival or risk theft at the doorstep. Reps may even leave a copy of their key and our employees will personally deliver packages to their unit. If promoting a temperature sensitive product (Example: Pharmaceutical reps store medicine) we offer climate control units that will make sure your product does not spoil.

College Students
University students

Students that study abroad or are returning home for the summer or winter breaks need a place to temporarily store their belongings until it time to use them once again. Storage is the perfect answer.



Car/Bike Storage


Because we have fully enclosed ground storage units you are able to store your car/bike and rest assured that it will be protected from harsh weather conditions. To reserve a space online please click HERE.



Have an extensive collection of some kind. We have had tenants store multiple collections and even set up their unit as display rooms for their prized possessions. We had a tenant set up a library in one of his units!





Our facility is a modern facility created to cater to any other needs our customers might have. We aspire to help our customers experience here be extremely convenient. For that reason we also offer extra services like Fax, Wi-Fi access, Receiving Shipments, Truck Services, Computer Access, Conference Room access, even Coffee and Water all complimentary to our tenants. For pictures/video of these services click HERE

As you can see storage is a booming business because people need SPACE, especially in a concentrated area like Los Angeles. So if you live in the Harbor Area (San Pedro, Torrance, Harbor City, Wilmington, and Carson) stop by and check us out. We might be able to help.

Syndie Sandoval
Director of Operations

South Bay Storage Center
1234 W. Anaheim St
Harbor City CA 90710

To reserve a space online please click HERE.
For Specials and printable coupons click HERE

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