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Are you really getting the best storage deal?

Are you really getting the best storage deal?

So you have come to the conclusion that you need storage. How does it all work? How do I go about renting one? How much does it cost? These are all common questions when you are faced with the need for storage. Just like any other product/service there are several competing companies fighting for your business. All claim to be the best and offer the best price, but how can you be sure?

Below are listed some questions you should ask while shopping around to ensure that you will end up at the best facility for you.

1. What is your move in special?
Most facilities have a move in special for new customers to get you started. These typically include a discounted or free month. Sounds great right? Well of course everything comes with a condition. If they are giving out a month free most likely you will need to sign up with them for at least three months. No one will let you store your belongings for a free month and then move out. Companies also offer other incentives to sign up with them like, a free moving truck, boxes, gifts, etc.

2. Where exactly is the unit located?
Like with real estate, storage unit prices are all about location, location, location! The easier and more convenient the unit the higher the price. Storage facilities are all constructed differently. Some are all one level while others have several floors. It is important to ask what the price difference is between a unit that is drive up (door on the outside) versus an upstairs unit. Make sure you are receiving the correct quote for the unit you want.

3. Any Amenities?
As mentioned before, all facilities are different. Some are newer than others and offer different types of services. Will you be accessing your unit frequently? Make sure you ask about the access hours and policies and also pick a facility that will be conveniently close to you or your work. Storing valuable items? It would be wise to choose a secure facility that offers video surveillance or an alarm system. Some newer facilities are state of the art and offer services like shipping/receiving, faxing/copying, and mail boxes to facilitate customer’s busy lifestyles. Inquire about any services that might be helpful to you.

We hope that this article will aid in your search for the perfect unit for you. Any questions feel free to post them in the comments section below and I will try to answer them promptly 

Syndie Sandoval
South Bay Storage Center Manager

To reserve a unit with South Bay Storage Center click here or call us at 310-534-9500

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